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Maybe somewhere down the road, the next time we’ll see each other again, maybe that’s will be the time from the wrong to the right thing for us ;]

Maybe It’s You? :]

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Well sana nga ganyan lang kadali gumawa ng thesis eh:(

kasoo hindi eh.. kaya nga thesis— nothing goes to be easy. 

You need more time to spend most of it, almost a year of struggle.

"Thesis" as I remember I merely hear this most from the college students (of course) without thinking or curiosity what’s behind with that word "thesis" hmmmm, well, since I’m still high school student that time I just find it nothing and disregarded.

And when ask somebody regarding to it and when my kuya (eldest) had that thesis, from then I’ve realized what really it is. The only thing I remembered from what my kuya’s said “mahirap daw talaga ang thesis even its a group pa” eh what more pa if it is individual its more hard. haayy.

Now I have my thesis, and feels like even I haven’t started it yet, I feel uneasy, nervous, fear? and feel like to give up already? 

Most had get along to it naman, and its time for me to shine? experience all the struggles behind thesis? 

I know it’ll never be that easy, knowing that it is an individual project.

But I know anyone can pass through it if you have the courage, determination, hard work and discipline to make and have a good thesis.

If you really know yourself, you know your capacity and the things you still need to explore. 

Earlier was our thesis orientation, during the whole orientation I had mixed emotions and never been gone that nervous feeling. hoooh!

actually our thesis project is just easy if you just focus to it and giving your hard time and the best you have. 

Of course struggles will always be there, still go on!

I don’t know how to start? difficulties that will come on my way and what will be the outcome of my thesis proposal. I’m not aiming to have the best thesis award (knowing that several from our class are excellent) My goal is to give the best of I can, wherein I can be proud of my piece :)

Determination, Believe, Hard work, Motivation, Discipline and of course pray for it, there will be a miracle :)

#thesis #Ican


I knew you’d give up on me and i’ve always told you that you would. It doesn’t hurt any less, you know. I told you i was used to it but it still hurts. It hurts because i care even if i couldn’t show it like a normal person could. I know i’m annoying but i’m only annoying when I care about…


People try and tell me that its crazy
You and I were never meant to be
I don’t believe they know,
and even if it’s so
I’m fallen anyway, no matter what they say.

A part of me is taking me by the hand
The world can’t see
Still they can’t understand
Why can’t they understand… .

My heart has a mind of its own
Right or wrong its gonna do
Only what it feels is true
I’ll follow it wherever it goes
Anywhere it leads me to
My heart has a mind, mind of its own.

Maybe we won’t always be together
Maybe this’ll last a thousand year
Ain’t nobody knows, and even if they did
It wouldn’t matter now
I’d love you anyhow.

My heart knows what I’m needing
My heart knows what I’m feeling
It knows me better than I know myself
My heart knows what I’m missin’
All I have to do is listen
And listen well… .

Sana makanta mo? :) Yan kase naffeel ko ngayon :)